Perceive the sensitivity of my clients to transform their spaces

Personalized interior design service that can include comprehensive renovation, interior design and decoration, specific furniture design, space management solutions and final styling. All tailored to the client’s needs.

The correct interpretation of the client’s idea allows us to transform his vision into a real project suitable for his constructive and economic possibilities. Personalized attention, exhaustive care for detail and processes are essential aspects.

Interior Design Services

Online interior desing or decoration
For those clients who are far away, have a reduced budget or lack of time, this interior design, decoration or furnishing advisory service is perfect for capturing the client's objetives and needs and giving them the professional indications to carry it out. It is carried out through real time online video conferencing platforms.
Interior design and decoration
The client's initial idea is interpreted and embodied in a space distribution and decoration project. After evaluating the needs and objectives of the client, the proposals of distribution, style, furnishing, lighting and selection of fabrics are delivered.
Comprehensive renovation
Crafts and equipment necessary to completely transform a house, shop or office. Construction management, acquisition of materials and licenses for the implementation of the reform project. The graphic elements of plans and design are elaborated in order to allow the client to perceive and define his approach.
Escaparatismo y diseño de tiendas
Por medio de técnicas de interiorismo comercial, Visual Merchandising y escaparatismo, se diseñan tiendas y comercios para contribuir a aumentar las ventas y dar visibilidad a la imagen corporativa. Se ofrece un servicio completo de diseño que absorbe la esencial de la imagen de marca y el concepto de negocio, para aplicarlo al diseño de cada uno de los elementos del espacio comercial: mobiliario, distribución, iluminación , escaparate, servicios, logos, publicidad de punto de venta... Un servicio integral en el que la creatividad y el diseño serán únicos para el negocio. También se realiza diseño de stand para ferias y eventos efímeros, así como para "pop up" stores.
Search and management of the specific furniture that best suits the needs and style of the client. Shopping assistance, contact with specific suppliers of furniture, lighting, textiles and art. Coordination of deadlines and final distribution.
Specific furniture design
We design personalized furniture elements that fit into the client's interior design project.
Professional Photography
Professional imaging service of residential or commercial properties for distribution on websites, social networks and media.

Examples of Interior Design Services by María del Valle Interior Staging