Harmony and aesthetics with a purpose

Decorative styling creates an aesthetic harmony around a space, making it more attractive and in tune with the redefined style. Professional photography closes the circle of the transformation involving Decorative Styling.

All kinds of styling, reports on decoration, corporate photo sessions, product catalogues, shops, decorated restaurants and homes are made.

Suitable for all types of clients, publishers, advertising agencies, decoration shops, producers, real estate investors, individuals, social networks, blogs, etc..

Styling Services

Home Styling
As a complement to the reforms and decoration proposals, the final styling is carried out in order to give the designed space the personal touch that turns the property into the client's home. This service can also be hired exclusively or for a project to sell or rent a home or office.
Decorative or editorial styling
Styling projects are carried out for specialized magazines or commercial catalogues. Also, styling and professional photography are made for shops, restaurants or premises who need to portray an image on websites, catalogues or appearances in the media.
Professional Photography
Professional images of residential or commercial real estate for distribution on websites, social networks and media.

Examples of Decorative Styling made by María del Valle Interior Staging