Cozy drawing room in Madrid

Diciembre 2018 > Madrid

A family with two young children wanted to give a twist to the home public area. They wanted to stop having toys and strollers around to turn their living room into a relaxed place, to be able to share with friends and family. The little luminosity of the space and the dimension of it should be countered with decorative elements to generate light and freshness. To this end, the walls and windows were painted with a very bright color of MC Pinturas and the entrance doors to the drawing room were removed in order to open the space to the entrance. The furniture included the tables and sideboard of Bois Et Fer and the textiles of Gancedo that bring dynamism and comfort to a plain couch. The details of Notheren’s lighting as well as the basket of Mila give this touch of design to this familiar space.

Warmth and light for a family space

decoración de salones familiares