Luminosity with decoration

Julio de 2021 > Hortaleza (Madrid)

The owner of this house contacted the Studio to renew and update the decoration of two rooms of the house, which lacked light and with somewhat reduced spaces. From the Firm, the main objective was to minimize these two restrictions, as well as update their decoration, transmit emotion and cry, and maintain and expand storage capacity.
The furniture, lighting and vertical cladding of the two rooms were completely renovated. For the master bedroom, we sought to generate spaciousness and light, generating a sense of calm and peace. Noble materials and natural and organic fabrics, with different textures, but within a very contained palette of white, beige and earth tones, which could generate that feeling of spaciousness and luminosity.
For the guest room, we sought to find a space that would give full service to those friends who came to visit. It included a modern, spacious trundle sofa bed with two full-size beds to sleep two adults. Custom furniture and fabrics and paper were designed in shades of gray.

Calm, light and spacious