Home Staging at Chamartin Neighborhood

Febrero 2020 > Chamartin, Madrid

Housing in the neighborhood of Chamartín that, after 15 years of rent, it was necessary to update it to bring it back to the rental market, increasingly competitive. The owners contacted María Del Valle Interior Staging’s studio, to carry out a Home Staging and to be able to highlight their house against the competition, revaluing its price and shortening the waiting time until it was rented. Although the budget was moderate, importance was given to updating the kitchen and bathrooms that were over 30 years old. The kitchen, very spacious, underwent a tremendous change in floor and furniture giving it light and a more modern atmosphere. In the bathrooms colors were updated and sanitized. The rest of the house was painted, floors were varnished and windows and blinds were changed. Ready for a promt rental.

El Home Staging consigue un aumento del precio de alquiler del 25%