Furnishing of a rent house in Mirasierra

June 2019 > Mirasierra (Madrid)

The tenants of this house located in the Mirasierra neighborhood of Madrid, contacted María del Valle Interior Staging, to get a sense of home in their new rental house. After several rental houses with different sizes and styles, they sought to achieve a defined style in which the whole family (4 children) had room and could share space and emotions. There were five spaces to be redecorated in which we looked for luminosity, feeling of warmth and a certain order and organization of spaces in a large family. A space was sought for two teenage girls, as well as another corner for twins under 3 years old. In addition, it was need a new entrance hall, a reading corner with beautiful views and a large family room and dining room where you can celebrate calm tabletops. The fabrics of KA International and Alfombras Etnicas, rugs and vertical elements of Lorena Canals and blinds of Komorebi, supported the selection made by Maria del Valle Interior Staging Estudio.

Key brightness and breadth of decoration

Decoración de una casa de alquiler en Mirasierra