Cheerful and useful studyroom

March 2019 > Madrid

Studio Project for former clients. Storage and lighting needs were studied carefully, as the room was small and the natural light was scarce. In Maria del Valle Interior Staging, cabinets were designed with reduced depth (as required by the room), but enough to store folders. Cabinets with doors for a more visual cleaning as the cabinets are lacquered in the same colour as the walls. The table, in oak, it spread over all the underneath cubinets to give a sense of unity and continuity and give greater warmth to the place. It included a decorative paper in green tones, according to the costumer´s existing sofa. Open front shelves were included in order to make more dynamic decoration. This proyect was publish in CasaDiez magazine in September 2019.

Capacity and Design United

despacho alegre y funcional