If these walls could speak,

…they would say that my first steps in the world of décor were taken at the same time as my first steps in life: among piles of samples of fabrics, rolls of wallpaper and seemingly endless amounts of scattered paint cans in the family house. I remember my mother coming to pick me up at school and, barely having a snack, taking me to see fabrics all over Madrid. I remember my father measuring the walls of our house to calculate which ones could be thrown to create new spaces. My passion for interior design was the natural outcome of the learning environment I grew up in. Over the years I realized that my training and my work as an economist for 15 years might not have been my true vocation, but these experiences provided me with doses of realism and practicality needed to approach interior design not only with creativity, but also with intelligence. This way, after four years in London and a huge training on interior design, editorial styling and Home Staging, I can finally dedicate myself to what I am really passionate about.

A very high work capacity, attention to detail, exhaustive control of processes and, most importantly, a passionate dedication to each project are the perfect basis for making the space dreamed by my clients a reality. And there is nothing that makes me happier than being responsible for making those dreams come true. Let your walls… talk about me.

My Education: I achieved the highest mark within my cohort, studying Superior University Course on Interior Design and Decoration, Project Management and 3D Design by Rey Juan Carlos University and the Escuela Madrileña de Decoración. Specialization courses in Editorial & Home Styling and Home Staging with certification and recognition by the Asociación de Home Staging de España (AHSE) and International and European IAHSP.

Every client is different, my main objective is to be able to grasp their sensitivity, their goals and their lifestyle and to be able to interpret and transform their desires into a viable project that adapts to their constructive and economic possibilities.
I believe that décor, styling and good taste should not be at odds with the functionality and correct organization of spaces.
Design of modern and functional spaces that express well-being and harmony, always in line with the personality and lifestyle of the customer.
"I hired María for a Home Staging of my offices in Argensola Street, with the purpose of closing a good rental price. She has made everything very easy for me by giving me furniture options within the established budget. Thanks to her good taste, seriousness and professionalism, the result is spectacular. Her big challenge has been to contact all the suppliers in record time to be able to have the furniture available, and she has achieved it. Thank you very much".
Marta Montoro
Real Estate Investor
"María demonstrates with her talent, effort and exigency, that fighting for what one dreams only requires strong commitment to do so. I have no doubt that she stands out for her good taste and creativity, making her clients fall in love with her work and professionalism".
Raquel Simón
Director of the Madrid School of Decoration.
"María es una gran profesional. Con nosotros, Gancedo, ha colaborado comprando una serie de elementos textiles para la decoración de unas oficinas en la calle Argensola. Se ha adaptado al presupuesto del cliente escogiendo varios productos: alfombras, tejidos para sofás, almohadones... ha buscado la coordinación de todos los elementos y el resultado ha sido extraordinario. Es un espacio armonioso y elegante".
Beatriz Gancedo
Directora de comunicación y marketing de Gancedo
"María has the gift of understanding what one needs and of discovering the most suitable place or way to supply that need. Nothing escapes her scrutinizing and avid gaze for design and simplicity”.
Nacho Núñez, London
"Maria es una gran profesional, muy dedicada y detallista. Siempre es un placer colaborar con ella".
Silvia Caballero
CABALLERO Fotografia Arquitectura e Interiores
“María manages in a natural way, almost effortlessly, to solve with effective and creative solutions all the problems that have arisen in our house in the previous years. Her ability to work looking into any details within the whole transformation process allows us to always trust in her professionalism and good taste".
Paula Calatrava, Madrid.
“María is great when it comes to seeing the small. Her advice, in addition to being practical, has embellished our home. Today, after four years, her valuable advice continues to ease my life and that of my family, saving us a lot of time every day".
Ximena Media, London.